Mackerel Silvers

Mackerel Silvers

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Our single ingredient 100% Australian Grey Mackerel Silvers, caught sustainably in Northern Queensland, have been slowly dehydrated to ensure they retain the nutrients. They are a perfect, healthy treat for both small-medium dogs and cats alike! Give as a whole, or break into smaller pieces, there is no doubt your furry companions will love these in taste and health benefits.

High in omega 3 fatty acids which comes with a range of benefits, such as reduced inflammation, a healthy coat, and improved cardiovascular function. Omega 3 has also been known to reduce the risk of cancer for your pet and acts as an antioxidant.

Our treats contain no added flavours, preservatives or colours, and are all natural!

Ingredients: 100% Mackerel meat

Health Benefits

  • Filled with omega 3 to improve your pet’s coat, cognitive, and joint health.
  • A lean meat and rich in protein to keep your pet strong.
  • A great alternative for pets suffering from allergies and should keep their reactions at bay.

Net Weight: 100g

Ensure pet is supervised during consumption.