Shark & Mackerel Twisters
Shark & Mackerel Twisters

Shark & Mackerel Twisters

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Our 100% Australian twisters are made from Shark cartilage and wrapped with  Mackerel!

Our twisters act as a great dental chew and will help to remove tartar build up on your dog’s teeth. Overall, a delicious treat filled with health benefits! To read more on the individual health benefits of each, check out our product pages for Shark Cartilage & Mackerel Silvers

Our treats contain no added flavours, preservatives or colours, and are all natural!

Ingredients: 100% Australian Shark Cartilage* wrapped in 100% Australian caught Mackerel.

Health Benefits

The Shark cartilage is rich in calcium which will help to:

  • Strengthen bones

Then the Mackerel is high in omega 3- which will:

  • Reduce joint inflammation
  • Improve brain function
  • Increase coat health
* Please note that these fish are primarily caught for human consumption, often referred to as flake in fish and chip shops in Australia. The shark cartilage is a left over which would otherwise be discarded. Gummy shark is classed as fully sustainable and has a quota which is strictly monitored by the Australia Fisheries. 

Ensure pet is supervised during consumption.