Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast

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Our single ingredient 100% Australian Chicken Breast strips are sure to be a favourite amongst your canine or feline companion, containing nothing but dried chicken breast without the use of a glycerine preservative/additive/sweetener.

These treats are a lean meat alternative, high in protein and essential amino acids but low in fat and calories. They can also be broken up into smaller bite sized pieces.

Our treats contain no added flavours, preservatives or colours, and are all natural!

Ingredients: 100% Chicken breast- GLYCERINE FREE

Health Benefits

  • PetMD recommends lean meats like chicken breast strips as an essential part of a daily diet. 
  • Important source of phosphorous for bone development and tissue repair
  • Provides energy and keeps the immune system strong
  • Excellent weight control for diabetes or obesity
  • Easily digestible to reduce flatulence 

Net Weight: 100g

Ensure pet is supervised during consumption.