Cow Hoof w/ Roo Mince
Cow Hoof w/ Roo Mince
Cow Hoof w/ Roo Mince

Cow Hoof w/ Roo Mince

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Our 100% Australian Cow hoof filled with Kangaroo mince is a durable, long lasting chew treat suitable for medium to large dogs- small dogs who love a challenge have been able to tackle them too!

Your pet will initially get through the mince, however, wont always demolish the hoof shell on first sitting. Once the roo is eaten, the hoof shell makes it re-usable for other meat based fillers (or even xylitol free peanut butter) that you can add for successive play and chew sessions.

Our treats contain no added flavours, preservatives or colours, and are all natural!

Ingredients: 100% Cow hoof filled with Kangaroo mince meat

Health Benefits

  • High in protein and very lean
  • Chewing of the hoof helps maintain your dog's dental hygiene
  • The hoof is an extremely low Kj treat that they can chew for as long as they like without adding any weight.
  • Safer than a bone and filled with the most nutrient dense, low fat land based meat in Australia-Kangaroo 

Ensure pet is supervised during consumption.